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Why I started Flower and Stone

As November comes around and Flower & Stone enters its third month in business since our launch in August, I wanted to address many of the reasons and passions that led me to start this clean company. My name is Jacqueline and I’m the founder of Flower & Stone. I’m currently completing my senior year at the University of Southern California where I study GeoDesign, an interdisciplinary major covering current urban issues, sustainability, architecture, and geographical sciences. My main passion about my studies is that I am given an opportunity to present creative solutions to otherwise complex problems, and while the topic and scope differ, this is what I have done in founding Flower & Stone as well.

Flower & Stone is my solution to the toxic and pollutive cosmetic industry that exists today. The leading companies have been able to use chemicals in their products, animal testing, and pollute our environment. One of the biggest issues is that in the United States, the FDA has only restricted the use of 11 ingredients. When compared to the over-1,000 toxic ingredients that are banned in Europe by the EU Cosmetics Regulation, the FDA’s low number is shocking. With the help of ThinkDirty’s App, I was able to learn more about the products that I use every day. I really love ThinkDirty because I think it’s a great way for everyone to begin to understand the ingredients that are in their everyday routines. After realizing that the majority of my face and body products contained harmful chemicals, I started to connect the dots — no wonder I was getting irritation and sometimes even hives after using these supposedly “natural” products.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s reactions to these products are so mild, and can even result in allergies, eczema, and acne. As you can imagine, these chemicals and harmful ingredients are not beneficial to the environment either. As sustainability becomes increasingly necessary, the beauty and cosmetic industry have fallen behind. My main goal is to bring awareness to these issues, and for Flower & Stone to be a company that everyone can trust and rely on.

When beginning my research in finding companies to partner with, I had clear requirements: organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, handcrafted in North America, and absolutely no chemicals. I also had ethical requirements: no animal products and the brand must be cruelty-free. There has been no other collection that has kept standards these high, and I knew I wanted to be the one to create it.

I am so excited to share more about my story in creating Flower & Stone, and especially about my goals, ideas, and how I created my partnerships. To me, this is just the beginning and I hope I have expressed the effort and care I have put into creating this toxic-free collection. From beauty to wellness to lifestyles, I want to promote health and wellbeing as best as I can, and for Flower & Stone to be an essential, trustworthy, and inclusive company for everyone.

Thanks for reading a little bit about why I started Flower & Stone. I can't wait to share more!

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